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The Global Leader in IP Geolocation

Independently verified as the most accurate IP dataset available

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Digital Element is the global leader and industry pioneer of IP geolocation technology. Our IP Intelligence solution is deployed by the world's largest publishers, e-commerce sites, analytics providers, ad networks, content portals, enterprises and more.

What can our NetAcuity® IP location data do for your company?

IP geotargeting allows companies to deliver relevant content in a simple, cost effective and privacy sensitive manner - tailored to users' locations at the moment when it's most relevant.

Applications of IP Geolocation

Target Online Advertising

Deliver hyperlocal offers and charge up to 50% more for advertising inventory.

Simplify Mobile Targeting

Provide location-relevant content with no user opt in required.

Localize Content

Increase online engagement and improve response rates by up to 300%.

Manage Digital Rights

Control distribution of digital media based on user location and more.

Enhance Analytics

Better predict user behaviour based on geo/demographic segments.

Prevent Online Fraud

Validate user location for mission-critical security applications.

Proud to be used by the world's top brands

“The ability to enhance our ad targeting down to the ZIP code level allows us to optimize execution of client campaigns and deliver better results.”

“We were staggered by the accuracy of Digital Element's hyperlocal IP location database. NetAcuity definitely gives us a competitive advantage over other networks that are not verifying on location.”

“We evaluated Digital Element against other top competitors. NetAcuity IP Intelligence technology delivered the most accurate and deepest data elements.”

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Independently Verified as The Most Accurate IP Dataset Available

Digital Element is the industry’s only IP geolocation provider accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), whose mission is to ensure valid, reliable, and effective audience measurement services.

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